China High Quality cement tanker trailer Suppliers


China High Quality cement tanker trailer Suppliers

China cement trailer

The split bulk cement storage and transportation cement trailer is a kind of transport vehicle integrating transportation and storage, and the tank and trailer chassis can be separated freely.

First, traction power: the car to rural 15-20 horsepower small tractor head as the power source, effectively reduce the transport cost.

2. Overall structure: the car is composed of tank body and trailer chassis. The ingenious design can ensure that the tank body can be removed and installed from the trailer chassis at any time.

Three, use performance: four support legs designed on the tank can be freely retractable, compound door (size door combined use) smooth ash, easy control.

4. Safety performance: the four legs of the tank are designed with adjustment and locking devices, even if the ground is uneven, the tank can be put firmly and reliably.

Five, economic benefit: this product is a towing eight cans, compared with the small towing cans, each set can save 20,000 yuan on average.

This product has been developed 3T, 5T, 10T and other models, which can meet the needs of small and medium-sized buildings, cement products and rural users.

China cement trailer

tanker trailer Suppliers

Towing notice

1. Choose tanker trailer tools with eye-catching colors, such as yellow, blue, fluorescent green, fluorescent red, etc. If the color is not eye-catching enough, it can be hung on the trailer tool. Night trailer with reflective materials to use the trailer rope or pole, increase the warning effect.

2. Trailer tools should be installed at the same side tanker trailer hook position of the front and rear vehicles. If the fault car is a left hook, the tractor should also choose the left hook to ensure straight driving after the road. And in the installation of trailer hooks must be checked after, to ensure that the trailer hook is installed tight, so as to avoid injury in the use of the trailer hook eject.

3. Pay attention to the communication and cooperation between cars. Tow trucks have a lot of knowledge, one of the front and rear car drivers between the cooperation is very important. Drivers in front of tow trucks should make reasonable driving routes to avoid complicated and congested roads. If there is no walkie-talkie as a communication tool, it is necessary to agree on the starting, deceleration, turning, downhill and other operational communication signals before the road, so as to achieve consistent control before and after the car.

4. Control the safe distance. In order to prevent rear-end collision, the distance and speed should be controlled. Generally, the length of tow rope is about 5~10 m, so the distance between vehicles should be controlled within the effective range of tow rope, keeping the tow rope in a tensioned state. The tanker trailer's speed should be controlled below 20 km/h.

5. The vehicle should turn on the double flashing warning lights before and after driving, drive along the outermost lane, and paste the "trailer" sign behind the tractor to signal other vehicles to drive carefully.

High Quality tanker trailer

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